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Student testimonial about Sprachinstitut TREFFPUNKT

- what students wrote about us -

Samantha (right hand side) during the language certificate presentation togehter with colleagues from her class
Samantha (right hand side) during the language certificate presentation togehter with colleagues from her class

Samantha from Great Britain spent two weeks on an intensive German course in Summer 2011.

Here is her feedback after returning home:




-----Ursprüngliche Nachricht-----
Von: xxx
Gesendet: Sonntag, 21. August 2011 17:15
An: a.vonrohr@sprachinstitut-treffpunkt.com
Betreff: Mein Kommentar zu Bamberg und TREFFPUNKT

I am a 36 year old Opera Singer from the UK and wanted to improve my german in the hope of perhaps living and working in Germany in the future and to give me more confidence in communicating with German speakers.

I spent 2 weeks at Treffpunkt this summer and had a fantastic time. 
The course was well structured and the out-of-class activities were great fun and a great way to bond with other students and practice what we had learnt in class in a more social situation.  From sports afternoons to city trips and beer garden evenings, the activities are what attracted me to this course initially compared to other courses in Germany and they exceeded my expectations!

I chose to live with local Bamberg residents of a similar age to me, which worked out really well.  I had my own space, but still got to practice speaking in the evenings.
I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to improve their language skills, meet new people of all ages and nationalities. 
The great thing about this course was how most of the students bonded and would meet most lunchtimes/afternoons/evenings to socialise together and enjoy the beauty that Bamberg has to offer.
I wish I could have afforded one-to-one lessons to work on certain
gramatical problems!

I will definitely consider returning to Treffpunkt for another course in the

My 3 personal tips:

  • Tipp 1: Take a train trip to Nuremburg and taste the Lebkuchen! 
    Tipp 2: Take the story-teller\'s walk around Bamberg (this was organised on a Sunday by Treffpunkt), it was extremely clear and easy to understand - in German - and a lovely and informative tour of the beautiful town of Bamberg!
  • Tipp 3: Definitely join in with as many activities organised by the school as possible.  This will help improve your german socially, quicker than anything else!



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