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Comments about TREFFPUNKT

- what students wrote about us -

Manuele with colleagues from Spain at the reception at school
Manuele with colleagues from Spain at the reception at school

Hello Dani,

how are you?

Here my comment about Treffpunkt:





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Gesendet: Freitag, 22. Oktober 2010 23:19
An: D.Gerner@learn-german.com
Betreff: R: SPRACHINSTITUT TREFFPUNKT - Studenten Kommentare-student comments


Treffpunkt is a very good language school, I appreciated the preparation of teachers and their ability to make learning an enjoyable time. But Treffpunkt is not only this. Treffpunkt is also a place in which you can meet new friends, share with them your experiences and learn from them. In Treffpunkt I found a new motivation for my career.

I can say that Treffpunkt has changed my life!

A good comment for your marketing eheheh But it's all true...

one month after the course I get a new job from a german company and in two weeks I will move to Regensburg for starting my new job! Mit Freundlichen

Grüße Manuele


    In class with other students
In class with other students
At a private garden party in Bamberg
At a private garden party in Bamberg
    Manuele during the certificate presentation
Manuele during the certificate presentation
During the TREFFPUNKT gathering (Stammtsich) in the pub Pelikan
During the TREFFPUNKT gathering (Stammtsich) in the pub Pelikan

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