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Comments from a German learner from Australia

- copy of an original student comment (via e-mail) -

Jeff with friends  Jeff with friends during an excursion to the Fichtelgebirge (45 minutes from Bamberg)
January 2006


Liebe Alexandra, lieber Joachim,

noch einmal bedanke ich mich bei euch für eure Freundlichkeit und Gemeinschaft, als wir (Fran und ich) in Bamberg waren. Viel Spaß ...

Jeff. >>>



March 2006

Von:xxxcom.au [mailto:xxxx.com.au]
Gesendet: Freitag, 3. März 2006 07:08 An: Alexandra von Rohr
Betreff: Treffpunkt

I have attended ´Treffpunkt` on two separate occasions: for 8 weeks in 2017 and for 5 weeks in 2006.

The reasons I decided in 2017 to choose Treffpunkt and not one of the many alternative language schools in the larger German cities were as follows:

  1. The school was for adults only.
  2. The web-site was informative, well organised and made it easy to to arrange appropriate tuition and accommodation.
  3. Bamberg was a small city with a significant historical past.
  4. The Bamberg Symphony Orchestra had international renown.
  5. The ´Beer Culture` was centered on Bamberg.

I decided to return to ´Treffpunkt` in 2006 because:

  1. Points 1-5 above remained valid.
  2. I had an extremely enjoyable time in Bamberg in 2017 during which time I learnt (inter alia) the following:
    • The school is very well run and the classes are small.
    • The teaching staff is enthusiastic, well prepared and keen to teach about German culture and history in addition to the fundamentals of grammar and vocabulary. There is a strong sense that staff really want each individual student to benefit as much as possible from his or her time at the school.
    • Extracurricular activities including : Monday lunch , midweek Bamberg sightseeing , Thursday Stammtisch and weekend excursions to neighbouring villages, towns and cities enhance the pleasure of, and give perspective to, the experience of learning the language.
    • There is the opportunity to meet and interact with, at peer level , intelligent, highly motivated young adults from many different countries.
    • Tourism in Bamberg is an important industry and the vast majority of tourists are German. Consequently there are opportunities, which the culture of shared tables facilitates, to engage in pleasant converse (over a beer or two) with visitors from other parts of Germany.
    • There are lots (far more than one would anticipate in a town of this size) of good resturants providing a range of cuisines.
    • The traditional local fare provides both nutrition and pleasure in abundance (try a ´Haxe` from the ´Kachelofen`).
    • Rauchbier (a Bamberg pecularity) is distinctive (very) but complements the food and enhances conversation. One feels a surge in linguistic capability with every glass.
    • Bamberg is as beautiful as the locals think it is.
    • The Bamberg Symphony Orchestra deserves its high reputation.

My ´Treffpunkt` experience on this second occasion was just as enjoyable as the first if not more so. Alexandra continues to have boundless energy and Joachim boundless patience and they (together with all other members of staff ) made my stay, and that of my wife Fran, most pleasurable.

I unreservedly recommend ´ Treffpunkt` and Bamberg to all, but especially to those who ( like me) are no longer enjoying the very first flush of youth.

Jeff xxx


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