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Experiences and comments about the German language school Sprachinstiutut TREFFPUNKT

- what student Georgie from England wrote us -

Georgina during the presentation of the German certificate with class colleagues
Georgina during the presentation of the German certificate with class colleagues

Georgina from England took an long-term Intensive German Course and TestDaF preparation at Sprachinstitut TREFFPUNKT in Bamberg.
Finally we could congratulate for the good exam results.
Read here the e-mail Georgina wrote us:



~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~November 2015

-----Ursprüngliche Nachricht-----
Von: Georgie xxx
Gesendet: 28. Okt 2015 23:05
An: xxx
Betreff: Re: Hallo

Lieber Joachim,
wie geht’s dir?
bitte entschuldige mich, dass ich erst jetzt meinen Kommentar über Treffpunkt und Bamberg schreibe.
Ich wusste nicht ob ich ihn direkt auf die Internetseite posten konnte, also habe ich den unten geschrieben.
Ich hoffe es geht euch gut und ihr habt noch viel Erfolg mit der Schule.
Ganz liebe Grüße aus Chile,


I was a student for 9 weeks earlier this year at Treffpunkt- participating in the group course as well as having private lessons to prepare me for the TestDaf exam. I initially planned to stay for 4 months, but somehow got talked into taking an earlier exam which thankfully turned out to be the right decision!
I was also able to take the exam at the school’s TestDaf test centre, which made the experience a lot easier and more comfortable. I was fortunate enough to have Dorle as my private teacher, who knows the exam syllabuses like the back of her hand! So if you’re required to pass a German exam, Treffpunkt will not let you down!

The school itself is very clean and spacious with big windows overlooking the canal. You will feel at home on your first day, the atmosphere in the school is always positive and all the teachers and students are friendly, open-minded and willing to help. Numerous activities are arranged throughout the week, which are a great way to get out, learn history about the town and most importantly to practise your german. ‘Stammtisch’ every Thursday night was something to never be missed.

Bamberg is a beautiful and extremely clean town with a large centre. It’s full of old buildings, breweries and history. There are many nice restaurants, bars and cafes, which are reasonably priced too. It’s also not too large that you can still get around everywhere by foot and get to know your way around. So whether you’re doing a 2-week course or a 9-month course, the size of the town in my opinion is perfect.

The people in the town are very friendly and easy to talk to, so it’s not hard getting practise with native speakers. Outside of the classroom all the students would speak in german all the time, even if speaking to someone of the same nationality, so getting speaking practise was never an issue.

If you’re looking to do a language course in Germany, I can’t recommend Treffpunkt enough. Between the teachers, the town, the school and fellow students, my stay was made so enjoyable and I will always have many fond memories from my time there- I can’t wait to go back some day.



P.S. It's an original e-mail above. E-mail addresses and surnames were deleted to protect privacy.


Georgina with her teacher Armin
Georgina with her teacher Armin

.a snapshot at the weekly gatheriung Stammtisch
...a snapshot at the weekly gatheriung Stammtisch

preparations for the Bamberg street carnival
preparations for the Bamberg street carnival

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